Online Shopping Preference: Make most of the mcommerce app development

We are living in a mobile world!

Observing ourselves, we tend to use mobile and software applications thoroughly in our day-to-day activities. On the other hand, industries are becoming inline with the technology usage to provide a personalized and customized environment to their customers.


Over the recent time, the preferences and choice of customers had a broad expansion due to plenty of alternatives for similar products and services. Ecommerce development, mcommerce app development and, app development companies have grown in favor of online commerce and trade behavior. The growing number of mobile software and hardware devices made the trade world too closer through the online shopping, services, quick services, and payments.


It is not a question anymore that who is choosing mobile apps for the shopping, as the majority of us connected with the various brands through the mobiles. Well, due to the high rise of ecommerce websites, your innovation and product uniqueness drive you to the stairs of success.


Here, the shopping preference of customers makes much more sense that decides the usability of apps or website. And based on that, you can improvise the user experience accordingly.


Retailers are trying to ring up customers by every means such as website, mobile app, social media pages and, diversified promotional events.


Customer’s mindset: is it consistent across all platforms?

Observing the customer’s activities, it can obviously seem that mobile mania is widely spread across the people. Browsing the products, comparing them and, purchasing it online, these are the common actions in the ecommerce world.


Here are some significant points to ponder about preferences of customer:

Despite having mobile all around, many believe that online shopping experience is best through the desktop or laptops.


In 2016, 64% Americans used to shop via smartphones considerably, stated digitalcommerce360 report.


It is clearly visible that mobile commerce is preferable when it comes to younger consumers.


Mobile shop is not going to stop, showing breaking $1 billion records in mobile sales on Black Friday, in 2016.


According to Statista report,

The mobile retail commerce revenue in the US in 2018 is projected to reach 206.53 billion US dollars that are 80.94 billion dollars more than in the year of 2015.


The shopping orders in the USA recorded in the 4th quarter of 2016, showing the preferences of devices they have used. During that period of time, the orders placed via smartphone had an approximate value of 114.52 US dollars. On the same side, the traditional system including desktop and laptop had still worth to complete online transactions.


Online Shopping Preference: Make most of the mcommerce app development

Image: Statista report showing US online shopping order’s value by device use in 4th quarter, 2016

The ever changing scenario of consumers wants to reflect in device’s choice, as well. The evolutions of choices via various devices have a huge impact on the user experience and buying preference.


Mobile commerce: what should be considered?

Well, the incredibly growing number of mobile phones certainly results in the enhanced usage of mcommerce applications. To keep using apt to the mark, here are some considerable points to drive the decisions, such as,

  • 1. Mobile payments and integrated security options should be strong enough to gain the trustworthiness

  • 2. An application user experience should be meet expected requirements

  • 3. Browsing products and navigations should not be more complicated, keeping it simple can gain the competitive advantage

  • 4. UI and UX of an application can make the vast difference in usability and success of an ecommerce app

  • 5. Promotional and referral programs provided to users would draw the attention of users

  • 6. Seize the opportunities by targeting the right audience and right industry niche


Last Line:

Covering the widespread use of online shopping via mobile phones, the retailers are trying to look after catching every possible medium or channel for their sales. At the present, e-commerce development has notably grown in popularity. Also, traditional systems and tablets usage are still to be taken into account for shopping preference.


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