Everyone wants more customers, more sales and more revenues, but the one who focuses on customer happiness too along with everything else wins the eCommerce game! If you want your customers to be happy and content along with getting more sales and revenue, you must put upselling into practice. Upselling helps you get close to your customer and boosting up your revenue at the same time.


Upselling – How is it different from Cross selling?

Normally, people confuse the term upselling with cross selling. So, let us take a glance the clear difference between the two: While upselling is trying to convince a customer to buy more expensive product than the one he/she is buying, cross selling is trying to convince a customer to buy other related products along with the one which he/she is already buying. For example: If I am buying a 27 inch television and if you recommend to buy a 32 inch television, you are upselling, but if you recommend to buy a TV cover along with the 27 inch TV, it is cross selling.


Upselling – A sales tactic that wins hearts of consumers!

When you offer more expensive product or service to your customers, it is obvious you will show them their benefit by accepting the same. You will make them realize how easily they can get more in less and how amazingly they will save money. This will impress customers and make them happy; as they would feel they got additional services or a better product just by adding less amount of money to what they were already paying. However, for you it will be an added profit, as you earned that extra through upselling by convincing your customers to buy that more expensive product or services which they were never going to buy at all; boosting up revenue and making customers happy at the same time. Also, it is an easier way to increase your average order value as well as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)!


Upselling – Top five tricks that never fail!

  • Narrow down the choices: More the choices you give customer, the more chances of they, getting confused. Give less choices so that they can take the decision quickly and you upsell even quicker.

  • Know your customers: Knowing your customers will help you offer them with attractive offers and superior products and services that are more expensive. If you know what interests your customers, you can easily suggest them the products or additional services according to that.

  • Create scarcity: It has been noted that specifying the number of items available in the stock helps to do better sales. Writing ‘Only 3 items left in stock’ will make customers buy it then and there instead of waiting to purchase some time later.

  • Limit the time period: According to a research, creating urgency does better sales too. Giving an offer for a limited period will make more customers to buy it instantly.

  • Upsell irresistibly: Offering them an irresistible offer that customers just can’t deny is the best way to upsell.

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