5 signs you should start thinking of Magento 2 migration!

Every ecommerce entrepreneur is talking about Magento 2 migration as if it’s a big expansion plan of the business. It’s true in many cases, but is it for every business? Do all business running on Magento 1 should migrate to Magento 2? Who will tell that it’s time to Migrate to Magento 2? Every ecommerce business passes through e-limitations but how can a triggering point be determined? This kind of questions arises in the minds of key decision makers and if not attended properly, often leads to extra budgeting without any crucial needs

Magento 2 is different than Magento 1, so any customization of Magento 1 feature would be a rework when migrating to Magento 2. Migration here doesn’t mean moving and little customization, many places, it would be a purely rework. So you need to be extra careful while staying at a driver seat. In this article, we have covered five key signs which can help you take a decision accordingly.

Magento 2 Migratoin

1. Is your current ecommerce store giving you nightmares?

As stated, if the current ecommerce store wobbles between performance issues and speed, then forget the customization and optimization. It would be a time consuming and money consuming process to repair a ticking bomb. Look for a Magento 2 migration partner and as soon as possible, come up with a super functioning ecommerce store.


2. Does your business require a lot of customization as of now?

If the plans and enhancement strategies of the business require a lot to be done in current platform, then thinking towards Magento 2 Migration is surely a welcoming idea. Some crucial themes, code customizations, and integration with third-party extensions are not possible in Magento 1 or even if it’s possible, it’s not the futuristic solution. Moving to Magento 2 would be proved as a long-term benefit in this case.


3. Is Magento 1 version too older?

As per the Magento experts, the version above 1.8E and 1.13E are considered to be thumbs up. Although, Magento is not going to terminate the other versions. But dealing with outdated versions would lead towards more and more efforts in marketing campaigns as the current version is not the latest one. If your marketing cost goes too higher like this, then you should start considering Magento 2.


4. Does your business require extra safety?

By 2018, Magento is going to stop its official support. There would be a support available from Magento development companies but not from Magento. If you continue with the Magento 1, the security updates will no longer be available. Getting it done from web developers or ecommerce development companies would be a costly affair and of course not a futuristic one.


5. Is your competitors started opting for Magento 2?

Magento is way better than the Magneto 2. This is undoubted fact. If you can plan for the extra budget, it’s a lifesaver ship in the storm of competition. The customers always run towards things which give personalized smooth experience. If your competitors have started opting for Magento 2 or already reaping benefits of it, then it’s the time!


Final Verdict

The way you look at your version of the store, your audience, and the future scopes, nobody can understand or look that way. Upgrading to Magento 2 is an undoubtedly futuristic idea, but when and by whom requires lot of research and consultation.


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