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Majority of the platforms are trying to optimize every possible channel that shows boundless era of eCommerce. Over the recent time, eCommerce sector has captured the attention of every investors and industrialist. A tremendous growth in online shopping and online trade transactions made majority of the investments worthy.


Coming to the influenced way of Google and Facebook, eCommerce has a lot of things to optimize that provide end-to-end and expected way of services to their valuable and widespread customers. Here, I would like to bring you some noticeable eCommerce trends for the year of 2017. Also, this post covers potential prospects of programmatic marketing and in-depth view of what programmatic marketing is.


Ecommerce development and mCommerce development are growing in popularity in majority of industry sectors. Automation and digitalization that drive work processes and management that showing unexplored potential along with widespread advertising, an Omnichannel way of business, secured online payments and growing social media usage. Let’s dig a little more into eCommerce trends that will be taking the main place in the year of 2017.


At a present, the majority of the eCommerce vendors are trying to reshape the way one shop. Advertising and social media to drive consumer’s mindset for every products or service they’re buying online.


There are many factors that affect the eCommerce business most and to optimize those factors properly, one need to bring innovation to the core. With the help of social media and brand awareness, eCommerce owners are making result-driven strategies that drive eCommerce and keep business successively running.


Ecommerce Era: Programmatic Marketing Through Ads

According to Zenith’s Programming Marketing Forecasts, programmatic advertising is expected to grow 31% in 2017. Well, if you’re not aware of programmatic marketing, let me tell you, it is an efficient way of advertising targeting types of audience that focuses on various segments such as age, gender, social presence, geographical location, etc.


Ecommerce Enhancement



Put simply, this is an effective way to show your advertise to the right people, at the right time through the technology-driven way of display advertising.


Programmatic Marketing: Accentuate Your Advertising Aspects

Programmatic way of buying, marketing and advertising is a broad concept that based on algorithmic process in a real time. This is an automated process where everything is done and handled by system rather go for manual instructions and manual way of trading. It involves RTB (Real-time-bidding) and display advertising to leverage the ad platform.


Considering the wide spread use of Programmatic marketing that is used to reach relevant audience, is now being combined with advanced intelligent and personalized way of advertising. As per the leading analytical Statista report, digital advertising is expected to grow at higher rate showing expected amount of ad spending that would be 335.48 billion US dollars by 2020.


With the ecommerce growth, store owners are making strategy which can play game changer role with real-time digital display of your products in an innovative way. This video explains the exact need and function of programmatic advertising. The mobile consumption has already exceeded desktop usage and that is being reason behind the efficient and real-time advertising scenario in the advertising market.

Mobile Commerce: Continue To Hike Radically

Due to mobility and personalization, the use of mobile devices and mobile applications are continued to accelerate over the time. Aiming seamless user experience and serving digital assistance to the mobile phone users, mobile technology has redefined the whole spectrum of the business processes.

According to one research that carried out by Gartner, U.S customers’ mobile engagement behavior will take mobile commerce revenue to 50% of US digital commerce revenue.

ecommerce enhancement


The existence of chatbots and its impact on the buying experience will cause a rise to its usage in 2017. Ecommerce vendors and online service providers are taking on the usage of chatbots that helps the customer to place the order and provides personalized user experience.


Artificial Intelligence To Drive Success Elements For Your Ecommerce Store:

With the strong analytical personalization and automated process, AI has made its journey worthwhile in retail sector. Customer identification and use of robust analytical tools help retailers to recognize the true potential of customers. Digital assistance and impact of chatbots have grown in favor of customer segmentation.


AI algorithms and conversational commerce have made this personalized journey true. There are many examples of conversational commerce such as Facebook messenger, Allo from Google, Slack, and Operator that give unparalleled user experience and add the significant value to the ecommerce transactions.


Omni-channel Way Of Business: Never Miss Out Any Customer

E-commerce giants have already set as an example of omnichannel retail business that consist offline, online way of business regardless of channel and device. Customers prefer ‘order online, pick-up from store’ facility as per their convenience. Companies are trying to leverage every possible channel, i.e., social media, mobile app, website, chatbots, digital assistance and much more to gain high ROI.


After all, apart from brand awareness, enhancement in user experience and established base of customer relations can work as a miracle! However, you need to maintain the satisfied customers that can be like this,


“A satisfied customer is one who will continue to buy from you, seldom shop around, refer other customers and in general be a superstar advocate for your business.”


Isn’t it true? Mcommerce development has grown in popularity and you should try how mobile apps can play a vital role in ecommerce advancement. By having the application for your retail store, you can provide your customers with unmatched and personalized experience that make them visit again to your store.


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