Magento Rakuten Integration

Recently, Rakuten became the main global partner of FC Barcelona for global innovation and entertainment of the 2017-2018 season. In the area of the marketplace like eBay, Amazon etc., the Japanese organisation Rakutenichiba has significantly made its mark. With 12 million shoppers per month, Rakutenichibais undoubtedly amongst the top 3 marketplaces in the U.S.A.

Rakuten CEO – Mr Hiroshi Mikitani believes that human beings require communication and connection more. So Rakuten always tries to give personalized experience to the users instead of focusing on efficiency and convenience.Thus, customers got a new option in the world of the marketplace! Rakuten integration is now the priority of the vendors over eBay and Amazon.

In this article, we will take a look at Rakuten’s different strategies which made the difference in the marketplace. Then we will see towards trends for successful Rakuten marketplace integration. At last, we will take a glance on M2e pro which acts as a mediator between vendors and marketplaces.

A Strategy To Go For Magento Rakuten Integration Is Definitely Worth The Planting Task Before Cropping!

As we have seen, Rakuten ichiba offers unique and personalized touch to its customer and so this is the diverse marketplace of its own kind. Through its reward system and no-competition policies, it has increased the possibilities of growth tremendously.

Rakuten Ecosystem


RakutenSuper Points TMRewards Program

A customer of Rakuten earns 5% of the cashback on all purchases made. Further, merchants can also participate in sales events or can have exposure to their products and brands. So here, customers get the rewards for supporting the business. Rakuten has started building loyal customer’s community by reinvesting in the super points system.

Personal Sales Strategies

Rakuten empowers its merchants by providing personal account managers for the business growth and sales channels. The account managers’ team would give tools for exposure gain, re-engaging old customers, and spurt in the revenues. So, basically, Rakuten enables the merchants to win the loyalty of the customers.

No Competition Policy

Rakuten empowers the vendors to work for customers and not against competition. There isn’t any in-house competition in terms of storage or products in Rakuten marketplace. That means your marketplace will not snatch your business. Rakuten believes that if the vendors are progressing, Rakuten will automatically progress.

Rakuten Marketplace Is Full-Fledged With The Tools Which Can Boost The Store Performance Drastically.

Rakuten Services

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Rakuten marketplace’s 75% customers fall into the younger group. Further, in this group, 50% are married people and with children. So the market trends for such customers should also be relevant enough to attract and engage the customers.

Rakuten enables the vendors to open image focused brand store on the marketplace.

Rakuten marketplace empowers the vendor to have the branded storefront. The vendor can provide same website mimic of the brand store or can have something genuine for the marketplace. Buyers can discover your products on their own and vendors can promote on their own, Rakuten comes with such robust architecture. Ecomextension has developed such successful Magento Rakuten integration with the higher branding of the seller.

Custom product pages (CPP) assure good content and quality and conversion rate.

CPP provides the features such as additional images, a demo of videos, adding taglines etc. It provides store front with rich and aesthetic looks with appropriate information. It also helps in improving conversion rates.

Adding SKUs to marketplace advances the chances of customer purchase.

SKUs incorporation to vendor storefronts enables the feature of providing right product to right customers and in addition to that, each buyer would be given his kind of product.

Grabbing E-commerce consultants (ECC)’ help is like taking a step forward.

ECCs are mostly called the advocates of the Rakuten marketplace. As discussed above, they do all the needful to make your business grow and succeed. ECCs comes with tools which empower the vendor to boost the sales.

M2e Pro has a pivotal role in Rakuten integration by covering key aspects.

M2e pro offers a variety of features for Rakuten marketplace. It enables the owners to use Amazon user record information from the setting of Amazon customer. It offers the import functionality of orders and another task for the maintenance purpose. This would result in a reduction of the time required for maintenance listings. M2e has a feature which let you do setting related to taxes for Rakuten orders. The automated 3rd party mapping and integration are again its masterstroke kind of feature. Rakuten marketplace developed in M2e Pro comes with automated synchronization of stock levels and price related information.

Closing thoughts,

If you are a vendor present on eBay or Amazon, then your presence in Rakuten is essential because Rakuten is emerging as strong marketplace amongst end customers because of its super points reward system. Rakuten’s tools for enhancing business and no competition strategies have left no option for vendors than to choose Rakuten.

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