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Isn’t 2017 a great start for leveraging ecommerce?

Observably, it is. Since the beginning in the 90’s, ecommerce has grown at the rate of knots across the major verticals of the industry. In today’s present era, it is fair enough to say that startups and businesses are taking up the way of ecommerce in a precise manner. But you might observe that well-known and recognized brands are acquiring a high return on investments as compared to small businesses. There are different scales prevailing in the market regarding the conversion of customers between large and small ecommerce business.

As per based on statistics report by eMarketer, there will be $440 billion sales for a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8 percent by 2017.

There is still enough room for growth of ecommerce stores for small businesses. But the question is, how small business can achieve the objectives with a robust proposition in ecommerce explosion.

Here are some key points to obtain remarkable growth of rate in ecommerce business:

For those who already own an ecommerce store, the major consideration is how to escalate the conversion rate and earn same loyalty like well-marketed ecommerce store. In order to gain the competitive advantage, one needs to understand one universal fact. The fact resides in delivering as per customer experience and leave immense impression regarding your purchase and sales service.

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Identify your one-of-a-kind features

No, this is not a common and obvious strategy. It is one of the paramount strategies that can draw the attention of users. Whatsoever your product and services maybe, ecommerce is all about defining your unique market experiences that create rich user experience.

One key note worth attention here is stand out those unique products or services in the design of ecommerce store. Highlighting unique approach for your products and services will definitely drive you to the way of higher conversion.


Go with Mobile era

The mobile industry is growing at the tremendous pace. Our future will be full of a mobilized solution in terms of businesses and services.

It is the accurate time to leverage maximum benefits investing in the mobile industry. You could be able to observe that mCommerce apps have grown in popularity and have attained maximum influence of mobile users worldwide. mCommerce apps are scalable and flexible with the market environments, hence a small business can redefine the strategy with growing number of mobile sales.


Pick a Multi-channel Option:

Many have kept rolling on businesses with multi-channel strategy in order to expand a business. You might wonder how multi-channel approach of ecommerce store helps you gain the advantage. Going multi-channel enables you to sell across multiple platforms and provides online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon etc. You can fill a gap between your customers and services choosing a multi-channel approach for your store.

Gone are those days, when the integrated marketplace was not a feasible choice. Now with the variety of ecommerce tools, one can easily rely on multi-channel ecommerce venture to bring the desired outcome.


Create memorable customer Experience

According to research, a majority of the companies execute their strategy on the basis of customer experience. At the end, rich and desirable customer experience can create a revenue-generation way in this cutthroat competition era. Small businesses need to look deeper on how to engage the customers by an interactive way. Also, you can redefine the design perspective that perfectly reflects your target spot.

Besides, the growth of small ecommerce business should be acquainted with real-time services and high-end payment integration. Here are some actionable ways to reach the audience and broaden your aspects. Such as,

• Create a store with attractive and pleasing design

• Try to integrate with the latest mCommerce trend to remain competitive

• Go beyond with the multi-channel approach

• Provide enjoyable user experience with timely contact information

• Think of all ways to improve user experience and implement them

• Implement mobile friendly, responsive design of site

• Stronger analysis on abandoned carts and try to reduce them

• Diverse payment integrations to provide better services

• Consistent and pleasing user experience across all pages

Well, these are the primary ways to grow your small business. Well-designed and well-defined functionalities of ecommerce websites should be the primary objectives needed to be achieved. Analyzing real-time performance and optimum usage of technology enables you to create seamless growth opportunities. Product availability, promotional ways, and a brand new user experience can gain visibility across all channels, whether it is a mobile store, website or marketplace solution, the fulfillment of user’s expectation is key characteristic to accommodate the growth.


Last word:

At any point of time, ensure your business is always in growing mode. Small businesses can be able to draw the notable attention with well-implemented design strategy, embracing mCommerce, using multi-channel marketing way, focus on the innovative product and last but not the least, seamless experience over the site. A key part of ecommerce development is to create a unique user-experience that opens a way towards the wide platform of opportunities. Let your customer build and not only purchase for you, we enable you to build a long-term relationship with them to visit again!

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