Mobile App in Holiday Season

Keep the ball rolling this holiday season with your Mcommerce app. It’s been predicted by the marketing experts that mobile traffic and apps usage for mobile shopping will increase drastically as the holiday eve gets near. It is said that much of the business will come through mobile devices and hence, those retailers who have planned their mcommerce strategy already are likely to make the most of this holiday season. If you are an ecommerce retailer and want to get the best out of this holiday season, then go for mcommerce development to boost up your sales significantly.


No doubt that holidays come with lot of joy and happiness for everyone, but for the online retailers this time, it’s going to be a tough time with lot of things happening around. As the sales are expected to boost up drastically, the mobile commerce business owners are sure to be excited but there’s one thing they really need to understand that there could be few serious challenges too they might have to encounter during this rush time. Your mobile app may crash out anytime or server may get overloaded due to heavy traffic. There are chances that in the rush products may not get delivered to your customers on time and you may have to deal with customer complaints. Many of such undesired situations can occur and hence, you need to pull up your sleeves and get ready to meet all the challenges. This article lists out a few important things that every mcommerce retailer should consider and get prepared with, before the holiday season arrives.


Test to Know Your App’s Capacity:

Make sure that your mcommerce app gets loaded in least possible time, better if it is less than 6 seconds as it has been found that users generally move away from the app if it takes more than 6 seconds of time to get loaded. Put your app to a severe load test and learn from it the load capacity of your app and where it breaks. Resolve this issue as soon as possible with the help of your mobile ecommerce development team because in case if your mobile ecommerce app crashes down in middle, customers will not be able to buy products from your online store and hence, will result in miss of sales and opportunity for you.


UX Testing:

Make sure to carry out a proper testing of your app in terms of user experience. You need to think as a user and try to analyze the things they can expect from your store. Put yourself into their shoes and then think of how you can improve your mcommerce app for maximum user satisfaction. You can even ask your friends and relatives to use your app and suggest you for modifications.


Spread a Word through Push Notifications:

Make sure your targeted audience gets to know about your mcommerce app before the holiday season arrives. You can send push notifications but not in traditional boring style. Rather send better engaging messages which do not sound like poster advertisements to grab their attention in their free time.


Use Social Media and Excite Your Customers with Offers:

Create beautiful images and videos about your products and offers and promote the same through popular social media channels. You can give out coupon codes for widely searched products to gain better conversion rate. Go for developing mobile ecommerce apps integrated with features supporting exciting offers or discounts to grab the attention of users.

Hence, go for mcommerce development followed by the above mentioned last minute preparations to get the most of this holiday season for your business.

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