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Mobile applications have taken eCommerce stores a step ahead; making them even more easily accessible and personalized. As users download the app, the eCommerce store owners get the information regarding the users. However, as an eCommerce player, do you make the most out of the data you have got access to? No, you get the best app developed from the eCommerce mobile store and you give it all to enhance the in-app experience in order to satisfy your users. However, amidst all the important tasks, you forget to throw some attention on the push notifications.


Push notifications: What are they?

If you have received any message on your mobile phone which is not an SMS, email or missed call, it is a push notification and it comes from the applications that you have installed on your phone.


Why push notifications?

Push notifications in the eCommerce mobile application increase the user engagement and lead to high retention rates. They are the best and the most power way of marketing used to increase your eCommerce sales and revenue. As people carry smartphones wherever they go, the notifications can reach to your customers wherever they are. Also, they are initiated by publishers, not users; so the users will always want to check them out as they receiver them. They work better than the email marketing. They ultimately lead to the increased sales generating more revenue.


Push notifications: How to do it the best way?

If the push notifications of your eCommerce mobile app do not give a kick rise to your sales, it means they are too generic or impersonal, thus not putting impact on revenue. However, if you work upon it, you can make killer push notifications.


    • Say NO to generic banners; Make them relevant!

Banners have become quite common nowadays when it comes to the mobile notification. However, just making it attractive and colorful is not enough. It needs to showcase the product or category that you need to promote. The content should be such that it targets the specific audience and mentions the product category. For example: ‘Flat 50 percent off on Men’s wear’ is better than ‘Friday Fundoo offer’.


    • Personalized notifications

Suppose you send notifications to 100 unique users, but there is no point if all those notifications are the same. There must be a personal element in it, which makes the users feel that it has been designed just for them. Personalized notifications will increase the number of clicks and takes more users to go to app and take a look on the offer.


    • Right time is important

Imagine how you would feel if your phone beeps at 3 am to inform you about the sale. How annoying that will be! You must send the push notifications at the appropriate time of the day when it is likely for the users to open the notification and go through it.


    • Do not over-do it

If users get too many notifications every day, it is highly possible that users get frustrated and delete your app.

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