Magento Amazon Integration Can Scale Up Your E-commerce Business

Recently, I have been asked how is it possible for an e-commerce store to gain faster access to a broader customer base? My answer was simple, develop the store using the Magento platform and integrate it with an Amazon sales channel. Magento acts as an all-in-one e-commerce solution for your business and Amazon helps them to gain access to the customers of one of the largest marketplaces. All inventory items can be transported directly to Amazon through Magento in order to create a complete and unified solution.

You must be thinking how is this possible? Well, Magento has plug-ins and extensions that can be utilized to export information directly to Amazon. Amazon receives updated information about the product, inventory numbers, and fulfillment information. Similarly, Magento extensions import information from Amazon.

Let us now discuss how Magento and Amazon Integration is useful for e-commerce businesses-

1. Save Your Valuable Time

It is one of the biggest benefits of all. You get to save valuable time and invest the same in focusing on other important aspects of your e-commerce business. You do not have to waste time in managing two separate platforms, rather you can utilize your time and energy in administering one integrated solution. It also allows you to upload or handle your inventory through a single dashboard.

2. Save Money

Apart from saving your valuable time, you can cut down your business cost. Because as an e-commerce retailer you know every second of your time has monetary worth. So, with the help of Magento Amazon integration, you can cut the time required to be spent on business operations and utilize it in sales-generating tasks. These sales-generating tasks comprise of sourcing new products, marketing, and expanding to the additional sales channel.

3. Enhanced Visibility

It is another important benefit of Magento Amazon integration. With the help of this integration, you can reach a much wider audience by featuring your products on multiple channels. We know that Amazon has millions of buyers and thousands of buyers are added every day. This will help your audience reach your products and buy them in the least time.

4. Offer Better Customer Experience

This integration helps you pay attention to customer service. Nobody wants to lose their loyal customers. So to nurture your customer relationships and offer a high level of service, integrate your Magento store with Amazon’s marketplace.

5. Support for Other Systems

If you are looking forward to investing in the long-term requirements of your business, then investing in a solution that offers support to ERP, POS, and accounting platforms is a smart take. That means even if you want to change your back-end system in the future, your integration efforts will remain unhindered.

Final Thoughts

The process of integrating Magento e-commerce stores with Amazon market places can be intimidating for many businesses. But the reality is different as when you choose this solution for your e-commerce business, you get to cut down on operational costs, increase efficiency and offer improved customer service. With the help of the right plug-ins, this Magento and Amazon integration can help you reach out to a broader audience.

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