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Today, e-commerce is everywhere. Online spending has become a most convenient option for people rather than standing in long queues of the bill counter. Just think for a moment – How many people do you know who have never bought anything online? You will probably be able to count them on fingers. And, this makes it essential for a various business to have an online presence of their store. According to the latest report by Business Insider, the U.S. consumers spent nearly $390 billion online and is expected to rise by $640 billion by 2020.


With the introduction of more flexible and cutting-edge technology, the process of creating online store has streamlined – making it more inexpensive than before. However, it will be accompanied by the challenges. As more and more business are stepping into eCommerce world, competition will increase and enticing new visitors towards your business and converting them to prospective customers will be challenging than today. In order to stand out amongst the crowd rich user-experience, clear call to actions, uncluttered design and responsive website is what matters the most.


Today, there are multiple e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento that can help you to create an online store. But how to select the best one? If you want to develop a dynamic, functional and responsive e-commerce store, Magento is the best platform to go with.


Why Is Magento The Most Popular Platform Among Developers To Create E-Commerce Store?

• Being an open source platform, it comes with various preloaded templates, designs and easily customized themes that make Magento one of the ideal choices for development of an e-commerce store.

• The latest update of Magento 2 provides an easy customization process and dashboard that makes it easy for non-developers to manage platform quite efficiently.

• The platform is highly optimized to generate more sales.


How Magento Contributes To Drive More Sales And Conversions?

1. Building Responsive Websites:

Today shoppers across the world access internet over different devices and screen sizes. So, in order to deliver best user experience, business owners must ensure that their website is responsive across multiple devices.

As maintaining a single website for multiple devices leads to more expense, Magento offers a responsive design that is compatible with multiple device and screen size. Furthermore, the latest Magento version provides better checkout and payment options, leveraging seamless shopping experience for users.


2. Seamless Shopping Experience:

Who doesn’t hate abandoned shopping carts on their online store? It is one of the biggest issues faced by the majority of the e-commerce stores. Reasons can be many like complicated checkout process, expensive shipping, no clear call to action and lot more.

Magento eCommerce solution can minimize the abandoned rates by using a one-step checkout extension offered by Magento that makes shopping process faster and easier for users. It not only simplifies the buying process for users but also enriches user experience and leads more conversions.


3. GEO and Behavioral Tagging:

Every shopper will love to get personalized experience and Magento makes it possible by offering advanced features like geo-targeting and behavioral targeting – Allowing you to reach your targeted audience in specific language and location they prefer.

Magento identifies the customer’s geographical location and leads the user to the website in their preferred language; resulting in leveraging highly personalized experience to the user. Another best feature in the cap is behavioral targeting that helps business to generate more ecommerce sales by delivering a highly customized experience to shoppers based shopping history, website activity and location.

Apart from this, there are many more features and tools that help business owners to create high ecommerce conversion rates and generate more sales. So, planning to create your own Magento e-commerce website? Is yes, Brainvire is your best address. Hire our expert Magento development team to develop a highly responsive and scalable website. Contact us now.

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