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Do you own an eCommerce store?

If the answer is yes then this post with an eye on eCommerce enhancement can make you read up to the last phase!


E-commerce is everywhere. From goggles to the hardware equipment, every product is available on an eCommerce platform. Being an eCommerce owner you need to have attractive eCommerce strategies that strengthen your presence in this eCommerce age.


Imagine what you will be like if you’re browsing some products on an eCommerce website and you can’t find some proper visual display for that product? Are you going to buy that particular product? Of course, not!


Here the product page design comes into the picture.

Ideally, your product pages should show the product images, product details, and product description, and that should be clearly visible in an appealing manner. A picture can say what you don’t need to explain! Large and high-resolution product images can be a magnet for users to buy products.


Do you consider eye-catching product pages are important to drive the revenue?

If your answer is no, then you truly need to look into this post!


Why should you consider product pages? What are the objectives that product page must be achieved?

  • –> It should be visibly attractive in such a manner which appeals customer to buy products

  • –> It should clearly pass the product purchase decision process of customers

  • –> Provide your customers with maximum product view dimensions so they can get the satisfactory view

  • –> Build the confidence of customers about particular product by giving real details in noticeable design structure


Well, maximizing the value of each product elements in the product page, you can leverage the potential of an effective showcase of the products. Ensure to hire top app development company for eCommerce development that can effectively shape your core ideas and reflect your vision.


Make the most of the product pages by putting some little extra efforts in the design of product pages. It can’t be true either in a case that only your home page can attract users. There is more focus on how you going to showcase your product.


Are you aware of this?


According to Forrester Consulting,

  • –> 47 % of consumers expect a web page to load in two or fewer seconds

  • –> 50% of online users stated that quick page loading is important for overall site


Product pages are playing a major part in the speed of the website

Apparently, the ultimate phase is purchase section of the product. As we all know, ‘Site speed’ is counted as ranking factor. This is true. The loading of product pages and high-resolution images affect site load time.


Over the recent years, consumers have been demanded multiple product views and product zooms that can cover the whole product. Starting from top brands to the small eCommerce owner and many mCommerce app development companies, everyone has acquired the zoom-enabled product images in their eCommerce section.


For instance, Nike has provided the very attractive look of the products by applying large-sized, high-resolution, and zoom-enabled product images. product design tips


The thing to bring in: The zoom-enabled images are something that customers want. Above all, it gives you the feeling of buying the product through the physical touch.


The biggest eCommerce store, Walmart has given facility to a full-size zoom level that fascinates customers with some sort of original view. It allows customers to think what it will be like if they will buy it.


360-degree view of products: forget everything, think of it as a customer!

As every eCommerce owners are trying to capture the attention of users, 360-degree view of product images can offer a seamless experience to view the products from every angle.

amazon product design tips



Product pages with social sharing icon: Take a look!

“Customer is your biggest and true marketer.”

If someone comes to your store, likes several products then how would it be if they’re going to recommend it to someone?


Exactly, this is the happening majority of the time for brand engagement for your business. To facilitate customers with social sharing options is one of the ways to direct your customers to the sharing, ultimately marketing.




Product pages with ‘Call to Action’: Invite them to take an ‘Action’

Each and every product page contains a call to actions and the standard caption on it is ‘Add to Cart’. The only thing needs to keep in mind that CTAs should be very simple, yet attractive, and compel users to take an action.


Additionally, product page should include ‘Save for Later’ functionality, within how many approx days will products to be delivered, cart details, and so on. This personalized section makes users to draw an entire picture of successful purchase of the product.


The customized environment for products: Do you think of it?

Well, when talk comes to shopping, shoppers are always delighted if there are multiple alternatives available. Ecommerce owners are trying to hold customer’s attention by providing different attributes such as color, size, designs, and so on.

Victoria's secret product design tips

This is the section where every customer spends the majority of the time for selection in product purchase. As payment being faster, selection of products and its customization taking the center stage. Ensure you provide maximum available alternatives that go well with the customer’s mindset.


ThisClearly, the cart process must include the ‘remove from cart’, ‘edit cart’, ‘delete a product from cart’ functionality to facilitate customer with the frequent change of decision-making process.


amazon product design tip amazoncart


Customer reviews and trustworthiness: could it be highlighted?

Along with the description of the product, large and clear images, appropriate call to action, highly customizable product environment, reviews of customer and brand trustworthiness can do wonder for your eCommerce store.


As per studies, around 61% of buyers prefer to see reviews before going for purchase, while 63% people shop from an eCommerce store that has customer reviews section.
This is a necessary element on the product pages.


The review stars for the product and text along with description could create harmony to level up the brand loyalty.


Do you want to leverage UI/UX for more conversion?

Offering seamless user-experience is the key. Mobile app for eCommerce needs to be attractive, unique, and eye-catchy! Make your investment worthy by hiring top eCommerce app development companies and make changes visible.


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