Imagine that you have just got 10 minutes to refresh yourself before you kick start your next important project. So what do you think how are you going to spend those most crucial minutes? It could be either by playing “Candy Crush” or by reading boring novels of Chetan Bhagat or by peeping inside “Wrangler” on the tops of the Instagram?


Well, a majority of us like to spend their time in scanning the top of Instagram rather than reading a worthy novel or investing time in playing games or surfing app. Have you ever thought why people are actively moving towards social commerce platforms like Instagram? Because today is the age of visuals and video. The growth of video marketing is at its peak.


So as an e-commerce owner, if you want to harness the power of audio visuals then Instagram is the best address for you. There is no better alternative than Instagram when it comes to showcasing audio and video in a most creative way. Noted as one of the most powerful tools to enhance brand reputation, Instagram user generated content strategies can help you to draw big brands in your home.


Starbucks, Nike, and Audi are some of the leading brands that have to make most out of Instagram to grow their business. So now the question arises over here is; besides user generated content what can help you to draw more user traffic to your website?Well, here is the guide to help you out to expand your business visibility using Instagram.


1. Leverage Crowd Sourced Content for Product Promotion:

There is a huge difference between bragging about your product and your customers doing the same. Yours would be purely self-promotion while your customer doing the same would drop in more visitors to your website. You can just simply put the crowd sourced content to attract more visitors to your site.

Now how to outsource content? Well, there are numbers of ways to do that. You can always:

1.Start with a campaign

2.Pick up a good campaign theme

3.Find a place to store good photos.

4.Link your Insta account with your site.


2. Use Videos Whenever Possible:

Instagram is not solely related to images instead you can use videos to make your content more juicy and engaging. So for any particular promotion if you think videos are the best option then go ahead. You can always come up with the videos that consist of matching highlights and all lucrative stuff related to your product.


3. Reshare Popular Images:

Is a particular style or trend is picked up in the market then you can always “reshare” those particular images or videos with powerful content to further engage users?


4. Pitch Your Own Relevant Post:

I do totally agree that user generated traffic to drive more traffic but still its best to be a part of the conversation and share e your own brand voice as well. You can even share the current happenings in your office. This way you can create a strong bond with your audience and also establish a sense of transparency with your office affairs. However, as every coin has two sides, heavy promotion can trim your loyal audience.


5. Repost Shares To Extend Their Shelf Life:

Social media posts do not have long shelf life. With the introduction to new images, old ones are forgotten by people. In such scenario, what you can do is to repost the pushed images on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform. By this, you can increase the shelf life of your old posts.

Wrapping Up:

Instagram is one of the best social media tools to increase your business visibility. Through user-generated content is one of the most overused strategies but believes me, it’s one of the best ever Instagram marketing strategy for content and is expected to witness more adoptions in the upcoming years.

Being an e-commerce company owner, is your company applying any unique and effective strategy that drives users to your site in 5 digit numbers? If yes, we would surely love to hear about that.

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