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The whole machinery of e-commerce functions on trust. Customer trust stores that sell them genuine and quality products, e-commerce store owners trust customers to pay the prompt amount for the goods and sellers trust store owners to give them their due amount of time.

Break of this business chain or blunders caused by any of these parties will undoubtedly incur a great loss to the business. As customers are the key aspect of any ecommerce business, it is quite important to maintain their trust in your online store. But why they should trust you? They don’t know your company. They can’t even visit your place and see the stock quality. Apart from that, if they even purchase from your store, it will obviously take a couple of days to arrive product at home so they will trust you?

In this article, we have penned down some proven ways to humanize your e-commerce store and make your customer trust in a way that they trust their nearby physical stores.

1. Be Transparent:

Well, transparency makes business inviting to people. Being an online business, you have no physical presence and the only way to connect with your customers is through Social media tools and communities. One of the best ways to show your business honesty and transparency is easy understanding of terms and process. For Instance,

• How easily and quickly customers can cancel the order?

• What is the return policy and how return item will be picked?

• How long will it take to credit the refund amount?

• Will an exchange be delivered for returning goods or not?

Usually, these are some of the places where you can show clarity and transparency of your business.

2. Showcase Testimonials:

A research study states that products that have more positive reviews are more trusted. Reviews are one of the most important parts that can create a great impact on customer purchase making a decision. Reviews act like a proof that your product is genuine and is purchased by many customers. So, do not forget to show your product reviews in front of customers. These reviews will help customers to strengthen their decision and know the real worth of the product.

3. Be Reachable:

According to the latest study, 45% of the US residents would make purchasing decisions from the stores that display contact details in an approachable manner. Defective goods and returns are something regular in online sales. Customers are likely to trust brands that have easy return and refund policy. Displaying numerous options like contact number, email address, live chat etc. will undoubtedly increase the trust of users to your store to the great extent.

4. Seek Feedback & Respond:

Do you know what customers think about your product or services? What if they have some valuable suggestions that can act like a change-maker for your brand? Feedback holds great potential to improve the user experience of your brand. It will help you to take actionable steps and remove the pain points which in turn increases your customer trust level on your brand. Also, do not forget to respond them in a positive manner about the interest shown in the improvement of your e-commerce site.

So, these are some of the ways through which you can win your customer’s trust for your e-commerce website. It can be tricky to convenience customers but this will make things easy in a long way.

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