Expedited Shipping


Same day delivery or next day delivery is not a bandwagon anymore! But, the tech giants have prioritized it high on personalized customer experience ladder because it’s not a utility anymore but it’s become a need! This year Google launched Amazon prime competitor named Google Shopping Express with expedited delivery benefits from the behemoths Walmart and Target. Think a bit about a power of same day shipping to deliver a personalized customer experience. This happened after Amazon’s whopping success of launching Amazon Prime. This isn’t going to stop, in fact, it’s a sign toward a Renessa in ecommerce shopping. The most of companies have eyed on Ecommerce shipping solution to win in the competition warzone.

Started with big heads, same day delivery is now a part of every ecommerce business’ policy.

Why Same Day Delivery Dragged a Huge Success

The concept of same day delivery started with the festive marketing. In the busy lifestyles, people always look out for the shortcuts and last time deals. Same day doorstep delivery opened the gateways to cater to the needs of these people. Plus, it comes with surprise elements always. On one end you make a purchase and the other hand, it reaches to the person immediately when he/she expects it mostly!

A company with a wide customer base keeps a minute difference between normal and same day shipping cost to earn a bit more!

Nowadays, most of the foremost companies charge little extra for the same day shipping than the regular one. Even some of them don’t ask for any surcharge to be on customer list! This is actually a big step to win customer loyalty because you’re fulfilling two wishes at one shot – No Surcharge and On Demand Logistics.

Procrastinators find same-day delivery a heaven like an experience.

There was a Mother’s Day last week, half of the mother’s day orders were placed just 2 days before. Among those, the most of them wanted to surprise their mothers with a gift slipped below his pillow or something that sort of delighting! With no big difference in shipping charges, along with procrastinators, other customers would also find it’s easy to rely on last minute deals.

It’s not the courier companies who innovated expedited delivery but a technology made it possible.

Due to GPS technology emergence, it’s become quite automated, streamlined and smoothened tracking of a parcel. A customer being updated for the order on a timely basis will definitely stay loyal to your products or services. And in case of expedited deliveries, the hype is that the customer gets an update every 1 hour and feels an assurance of his/her surprise, gift or self-pampering! A company must update its shipping services to enhance the customer shopping experience. A Magento multi-shipping and Magento custom shipping solutions are the ones which are helping the ecommerce companies to hike and maintain customer loyalty.

Closing Thoughts

The same day shipping is one of the big ecommerce trends of the 2018 year. It seems going with a slower pace but the tech behemoths are already reaping its benefits. The SMEs and Startups have also eyed on expedited shipping to enter and stay in the list of loyal customers! This concept has gained a high popularity amongst the procrastinators and busy people. But since the expedited delivery cost is not much higher than the regular one, the trend has grabbed the regular audience as well.

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